Eddie’s Time Has Come

Everybody knows you don’t shove Eddie Martin.

For Eddie’s senior paper he chose a controversial topic for 1895, Women Should/Should Not Have the Right to Vote in Oregon. Mr. Payne came down on the side of “should not.” Eddie’s mother thought the “shoulds” were long over due. Eddie had even quoted from his mother’s reading material in his paper.

“Eddie Martin has a bright mind, but I can force him to change his point of view with the stroke of my pen,” thought Mr. Payne. He knew the F grade would rankle the boy, but maybe get him to change his thinking. After all, a teacher should teach more than grammar and organization.

At the end of class, when most students had left school, Eddie stormed to the front of the room to challenge the grade on his final paper.

Mr. Payne said, “Read my comments. The grade stands.” He put his right hand on Eddie’s chest and pushed him toward the door.

“All my papers are correctly written. So is this one! This’ll keep me from getting my diploma. You’re doing this on purpose!” shouted Eddie.

I am doing this to get you to think properly,” began the teacher just as Eddie brought the conversation to a close with his punch to Payne’s nose.

It was a hell of a fight that left Payne motionless in the dirt of the school ground and Eddie clinging to his saddle horn as he rode toward home.

This should give hope to the readers of By the River and Secrets from the Little Red Box who want to know WHAT HAPPENED TO EDDIE?


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