Newsletter Jae Carvel/Jane Nagler

The second novel in my Strawberry Mountain Series is now published and available in E-book and paperback.
Secrets from the Little Red Box
Jae Carvel
When I discovered a packet of letters written by Harry and saved in a small red box, my historical imagination was so tweaked that I knew I would make them the basis of my second novel in the Strawberry Mountain Series. The first novel, By the River, is the story of the Martin family inspired by information from the Manwaring Wagon Train that arrived in the John Day Valley in 1869.

Secrets from the Little Red Box is set in the early 1900s and centers around Evelyn, the youngest Martin daughter. I have changed the names from those of the real characters because the story is only my imagination of what could have happened. I made an effort to be true to the time and setting and wish I could give thanks to Harry, the primary source of my imagination.

I look at life as a series of connections, some kept, some broken, but all worth sharing in a story.


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