Old Enough to Be Your Own Keeper of Stories

There is a time when a keeper of historical stories discovers she is old enough to be her own story. Many of the treasures stored in her house are no older than she. The children and grandchildren wonder where the old egg cooker came from. It is our 58-year-old wedding gift that still works. I rinse it carefully, no rough scrubbing, remove the cord gently and make egg salad for lunch one more time. I could be a part of the egg cooker story that wiggles around in my brain.

Lucille Shulklapper, at 80, recently interviewed by Abby Ellin for the New York Times, has authored four books since 1996 when she turned sixty. She says when she retired, “words came tumbling out of closets and drawers, leaking from rusty faucets and reappearing as character actors.” I love her words and her declaration that there is “music in life.” So today, I am encouraged again to remain a Keeper of Stories, stories that are waiting to explode.



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