The Repurposed Bookcase

The Keeper of Stories finds inspiration around the house. Every day she walks by her grandmother’s bookcase. If this were to become a children’s story, it would begin with an oak tree. However, the bookcase entered our house in 1916 already created. The paper glued to the back said so. Dark stained case, shelves, and back matched in color. Glass doors in front kept the dust at bay.

Many years passed. Grandmother moved from the house. The bookcase was moved to the little girl’s bedroom to hold dolls and toys, the first repurposing.

The useful piece of daytime furniture became the closet for monsters at night. Without even opening the glass doors, each scary monster slipped into the bedroom to create nightmares for the little girl. Mother came with a can of white enamel and the case, shelves, and back panel became a shiny white comfort to the little girl and her dolls, the second repurposing.

The little girl grew up, the parents retired and sent the bookcase to her. A professional furniture stripper met the bookcase. Out with the shelves, off with the back, and the rest of the case received sanding. The girl went to a glazier and had the back and shelves replaced with glass. The case received a stain called “blue spruce” put on by the girl herself. Now, repurposed for the fourth time, it sits in front of a full length window so light can shine through the collections of glass housed within. The glass bookcase is loaded with treasures which the Keeper of Stories will share with the readers in blogs to come.


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