A Keeper of Stories

I do not think a keeper of stories is the same as a “story keeper”. My house is full of “story keepers”. They are metal file cabinets, desk drawers, and cardboard boxes. They are filled with old pictures which no one labeled, yellowed newspaper clippings, invitations to weddings and graduations, ancestor charts, and best of all letters written a hundred years ago. The stories I keep are in my head. When I read a letter written by a great, great aunt I imagine what her life must have been. My imagination becomes the story I keep. I then become a keeper of stories and the novel begins.

There is no reason not to share the information in the “story keepers” as that information is free to all. The stories that are in my head are mine only and will be revealed as I write. If a novel is unfinished, no one will ever know the story. Keep watching because there will be bits of information shared here that could be a story for the next reader who may see it all differently.

A couple of other reasons I am a keeper of stories is that I am an only child who eavesdropped the adult conversations that swirled around me and my memory is strong. The stories in my mind will never go away until they are written down. I love the historical novel as reader and writer and expect to share the fun with you. Welcome.


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